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British Indie Fans
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indieuk is a community for fans of British Indie/Indie Rock, old and new.

You arent required to be from the UK to join this community - just be a fan of the UK indie scene.

But what is indie?
According to the dictionary, 'indie' is an informal version of the word independent. In terms of music, these are the bands signed to independant labels or independent from the mainstream. However, indie is now also seen as a genre as bands signed to major labels are still called 'indie'.
The term indie does not only apply to music. Indie has become a scene and to some a way of living. Designers who are not part of major companies are indie. Independant directors create films known as 'indie' films.
No matter which definition you follow, you are welcome to join and discuss.

You May...
- Tell us about new bands. The great British indie scene is forever growing so enlighten us about any new bands you know of. Signed or unsigned, promote new bands!
- I know there are a lot of bands missing on the info, so just bug bitterstar_x to put them on.
- Not advertise your rating communities - your post will be deleted.
- Discuss non-brit UK bands, but remember this is mainly for the love of British Indie! We don't hate other nations, the UK just has some great indie bands.
- Talk non-music related topics. Talk about TV, films, books - whatever you like.
- Tell us your gig/festival stories or any encounters with bands you have.
- Use an lj-cut for your pictures.
- Not bash/flame other members or bands. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
- Feel free to post any icons, pictures, banners etc. Sharing is encouraged. BUT PLEASE, DO NOT CROSS POST YOUR ICONS TO EVERY COMMUNITY ON YOUR LIST. Most people probably end up seeing your post more than once and its very annoying and will just end up with your post getting deleted.

If you are stuck for a first post, introduce yourself, this may include name, age, location, fave bands, fave songs etc. a little about yourself - but its not compulsary.

tell us the new albums you love - and the ones that have disappointed you

Hot Topic?
The hot topic was created to encourage posting/commenting. The hot topic may be on anything and will be changed as often as needed (but will probably be changed at least once every month). If you are posting to do with the hot topic please put in the subject line "hot topic" as so posts can be added to the memories. If you are replying, it doesnt matter just click the comment button =]
Also, i can see tempers getting frayed so please be careful what you say. People are entitled to their opinions but be careful how you put them across as to not offend people.

Sites/Helpful Links
If you would like your link here, leave a note at the end of a post/comment.

If you would like to see your community here, leave a note at the end of a post/comment.

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